Listening Lab Cincinnati 


Learning to Listen Deeply

Listening Lab Cincinnati


September 23-29, 2017

Listening Lab Cincinnati is a series of listening workshops and orchestra concerts designed to create a community of listeners in the greater Cincinnati area. 

You showed up to be inspired, moved, intrigued.

Instead, you're making mental grocery lists

Anyone who has ever attended a musical event has occasionally found themselves, well.... spacing out.  That's especially true when you're listening music without words, whether it's an orchestra, a jazz trio, or an experimental rock band.  

Listening to music can be an immersive, transformative experience. Or - it can be background music for your own thoughts.

By treating music listening as a form of meditation, the Listening Lab gives you tools drawn from mindfulness techniques and research in music cognition to help you find a deep listening experience. 

We won't talk about musical structure or instrument families. There won't be any music history lessons. We won't talk about what to listen for.

We'll discover how to listen. 

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Listening Lab Cincinnati: Community Workshops
September 23-28
Locations in OTR, Downtown, Price Hill, Clifton, and more

Listening to music can be an immersive, exciting experience. But how do you get there?  

By treating music listening as a form of meditation, the Listening Lab gives you listening strategies drawn from mindfulness techniques and research in music cognition. 

Each one-hour workshop will have a different mix of listening exercises - with a variety of musical genres - discussion, and guest speakers.



Listening Lab Cincinnati: Final Concert
September 29, 7 p.m.
Christ Church Cathedral

There's no better way to finish a week of community listening than gathering for an interesting, insightful concert. 

The Listening Lab Orchestra will perform selections from Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorak, and others, and artistic director Rebecca Smithorn will offer a lively conversation about listening deeply and intentionally. 

If you've attended Listening Lab workshops throughout the week, this event will be the perfect capstone. If this is your first Listening Lab experience, it will be a wonderful introduction. 



Listening Lab Cincinnati is a sponsored project
of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. 

Listening Lab Cincinnati events are free of charge, because we believe access to transformative artistic experiences are an essential part of our community.

We rely on charitable support to bring these experiences to all of our friends and neighbors. Please give so that we can continue creating a community of listeners. 

If you or your organization are interested in being recognized for your support, check out our sponsorship information


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